We are really happy to have met you. This was very intense and special month and the training program came up to our expectation in fact much above our expectations. Your training programs are very well designed and it’s nice to see how the essence of your teachings is applied on the practical front. Nice job Dr. Rajesh Deven, we wish you all the very best for your training programs and future plans..

Ms. Jasmin Elizabeth Rodriguez

Florida, USA

Hi Doctors, I can’t believe this one-month passed so fast, in the beginning I never thought we could learn so much in one month, special thanks to Dr. Sapna I really loved her classes and is looking forward to the other two months

Cristina Moleri


Thank you for all your hard work and organization. I had no idea when I arrived what a wonderful journey this would be, thank you for the wonderful transformation. I believe this is not the end . . . . it is just the Beginning

Nicole Stylianou


Such an amazing time I have spent here with everything I have learned, I am thankful!!! Thank you so much and hope I can come back again someday. . . .

Nikki Law

Hong Knog

Dear Doctors and Staff . . . . Thank you soooo much I had a great time here, one month past so quickly; I learned many things, which I will use for every day life. I really want to come back to learn more, thank you very much

Takako Amano


Dear Ayurveda School Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience. Every one was very gentle and caring with me. The knowledge received was very well taught, thanks to our main teacher Dr. Sapna, who gave me so much of inspiration. I also thank you Dr. Rajesh, Dr. Prabhath, Dr. Shamna and all others who helped me in to learn this wonderful science and making my stay a wonderful experience. Thanks to School of Ayurveda and I hope your organization will keep expanding and inspiring so many people to learn Ayurveda Philosophy.



To all the team of School of Ayurveda I don’t know how you manage but I need to tell you that you opened a completely now focus in my life. Your knowledge and belief in Ayurveda is so strong and convincing that I am completely poised. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and opening a new door for me. It was a beautiful experience for me and I wish good luck, health and prosperity. Stay and keep it beautiful as you all are.



Thank you Dr. Sapna and Dr. Rajesh for putting up with my loud self. You all made my stay in India a wonderful experience. The doctors are amazing, course was great and I enjoyed every bit of it !! I wish you all the best in life and I will return very soon for more.



Dear Doctors and Staff Thank you so much for a wonderful month here in Kerala. I learned so much about Ayurveda, Health and myself! Special thanks to Dr. Rajesh for arranging all the care for my mom – it’s so nice to see her feeling good and healthy again. I hope we will be in touch. I wish you all the best in your efforts to bring Ayurveda to a worldwide audience bigger than ever on your new project. Much love and respect


Atlanta GA, USA

Thank you very much for the lessons and treatments. I have learned and experienced a lot in one month, also about myself. I felt everything was done with a genuine interest and love. I had my difficult spells because I thought I would never learn all the massages, but it might have been the affect of Panchakarma that I learned many things. I will certainly continue learning more about Ayurveda, may be I will come back for another 2 months. With Love.



Approved and Highly Recommended with 5***** Dear Doctors and Ayurveda School Team, As an always highly critical person, I have to confess being satisfied in all-important points that makes a college good learning place. There is much more to this human touch and authenticity for your programs. Also the idea of integrating the accommodation in to the new Ayurveda Retreat Center would make it 100% perfect. Thinking about a share and to invest in the new project. . . . I believe in you, all my best wishes.

Herald Kruger


Dear Doctors, Teachers and Staff Thank you all for your love, kindness, patience and support. I am so grateful to you all for the knowledge friendship and care given to us. I will cherish this wonderful experience forever! Your teachings and efforts will be passed on to other people! Thank you for your hard work and everything that you have done for us.



Thank you very much for this training program, I learned so much, in fact much more than what I expected. The practical sessions were great, the best really was to know about myself and how to take care of my body. The last but not the least the doctors therapists, receptionists are soooo nice, helpful and smiling always. Well its been great to be here, I share this experience with all of you, Thank you once again.



I have really enjoyed my 3 months with you. The teaching was fantastic and of a very high standard. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues.



I enjoyed being here, It was a great experience. I liked the classes, met new people from different countries. I like your beautiful country and culture; it is very special to me. Thank you Dr. Sapna for your patience and all your attention, you are a great person, thanks to all the staff for every thing they have done for me.



I would like to thank Ayurveda School team to help me to take my first step in to the Ayurvedic world. This course has been a good introduction and a starting point. It has motivated me to carry on further in to the depths of Ayurveda.



Absolutely enjoyed my one-month course and definitely going to miss you all. Now seriously thinking about coming back to learn more. Thank you for everything and all the best for Doctors and Staff at Ayurveda School.



The course was very good; Theory lessons were very informative, plenty of practical information’s and good examples you will never find in any book, thanks to Dr. Sapna. Practical lessons cover different messages, a good introduction to various Ayurvedic massage techniques.



Dear Beautiful Team of Ayurveda School Thank you very much for your kind hospitality and giving me a lot of knowledge. I enjoyed a lot and just started my Ayurevda life!!! See you again very soon . . . .



Thank you Doctors, this is such a nice experience that I will never forget the people I have met here and the knowledge you blessed me with. Much peace love and harmony to Dr. Rajesh, Dr. Sapna, Dr Prabhath and all at Ayurveda School