ELAKIZHI – Bolus Bag Massage with Herbal Leaves

Elakizhi is performed with cloth bags filled with specially prepared herbal leaves. This is one of the classical traditional massages of Ayurveda. Here the patient is anointed with suitable oil and massaged with the help of bolus bags on affected parts of the body or the whole body. Various medicinal leaves like Tamarind, Calotropis, Castor, Drum stick, Vietx, Adatoda, Neem, Datura,Eucalyptus etc are used. Improves the strength of the muscles, bones,joints and associated structures. Useful in treating conditions like, arthritis,paralysis, neuromuscular conditions, herniated disc, joint pain etc. Very usefulas an anti-aging treatment and is a vital part of rejuvenation therapies.