Kalari Marma Massage is originally practiced by the Kalari people (Kalari –Kerala Martial Art) and is a secret method for protecting and revitalizing the energy points in the body known as Marmas. As per Ayurvedic texts there are 107 marma points(vital energy points) that must be protected and energized for a healthy life. Blockage or injury to any of these points can result in various disease conditions. Marma Massage has 54 massage sequences.Also known as the “sports massage” from Ayurveda, Marma Massage can improve body flexibility and strength. If properly administered on a regular basis, Marma massage can impart overall health of the body. If given a few days before any form of strenuous form of physical exercise Marma Massage will condition the body for the upcoming excursion. After a muscular activity Marma Massage helps to drain metabolic wastes from muscles and bring them fresh blood, helping them regain their strength faster. An excellent full-body massage to feel relaxed, strong, healthy and young thereby slowing down the aging process.